Hire Camille Oneash Ismail

As the motivational speaker, Camille has impacted many life’s both in the USA and the Caribbean, with a history as singer/songwriter and salon owner. Camille has dedicated her life to helping others to find their truth and maximize their potentials by creating action steps to help persons to achieve their goals.

Next Steps…

She travels with a spiritual influence – a direct mandate to empower Entrepreneurs, Coaches , Small Business owners from the spirit of scarcity –taking doable action to maximize their money. Providing seminars, intense workshops  that you the normal person can develop the necessary skillsets. During each seminar you can believe that she will disrupt your norm of thinking about life and money while  recalibrating your mindset for productivity.

Camille goes behind the scenes of how she built her life coaching company as a young widow and immigrant in the USA. Camille’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life after suffering from chronic depression after the death of her late husband;lead her to create a three (3) part system for teaching people how to accomplish what deem to be unrealistic to realistic goals.You can follow these steps and rest assured you’ll be inspired, empowered as well as able to reconnect your gifts & potentials for success.