Do you know your purpose?

Purpose is designed and developed by these simple tools that I have used and will continue to use through out my life. I knew exactly what it is that I wanted to achieve in my life which was to recover from scarcity and pull the next generation of my blood line;not limited to family but close friends and those I was sent to impact from that self same component.It took hours, days, months of silently learning the power of purpose,which I now define as the ability to pull from my soul deep inside what my future will look like.Secondly, I incooperated self confidence, the confidence to know that no matter the odds my willingness to do what ever it takes and what ever it will take for me to succeed that Camille will do;whether it is sleeping less, or exercising more, or reading more books I will do it. Stretching my mind to rise above my circumstances.

Third I used enthusiam, I was enthused by the thought that I can help someone achieve what they want and in doing so the road started to pave clear for my own purpose. Daily I would prepare my self for this moment and still is preparing for self ,stretching beyond what deemed impossible will be possible.

I started setting a schedule for my daily routine, waking u at 6.10 am each morning,listening to a motivational speakers, while having a cup of tea, then meditate, write in my thanks giving journal the things that I desired for that day.It does sound quiet simple but I must say it works always, giving thanks for the sun, the trees the birds all in the earth.Even the smallest elements I began to show gratitude.The more I wrote and verbally declared my gratefulness the universe started to shift in my direction spiritually, emotionally and financially.

As I continue growing in self development with my desire for new skill sets, new strategies and harmoniously spending quality time in my studying the keys to my purpose is my motivational book the bible.