Free Reources

Name: ___________________________________     Date: _____________________


  1. What SCORE out of 10 would you give for how SATISFIED you are with your life overall?


_____  / 10



  1. If you were to give a SCORE out of 10 for how much FUN you’re having in life:


_____  / 10



  1. If you were to give a SCORE out of 10 for how HAPPY you are in your current CAREER:


_____  / 10



  1. Give a SCORE out of 10 for how overwhelmed, BUSY or stressed you usually feel:


_____  / 10

  1. Deep down, I like myself:
–5                                                     0                                                      +5        (place an X on the line to
correspond with how much you                                                                                                   like yourself on a scale of -5 to +5)





  1. What is your FAVOURITE thing in life at the moment? (like best)





  1. What could be IMPROVED in your life at the moment? (like least)




  1. Thinking about coaching, I am looking: (tick all that apply)

r  For More Meaning/Purpose in Life

r  For More Fulfilment/Happiness in Life

r  For More Ease/Simplicity or Balance in Life

r  For More Freedom and/or Inner Peace in Life

r  To Change or Move Forwards in my Career

r  To Achieve my Goals Faster/More Easily

r  To Learn to Trust Myself More/Be My Authentic Self

r  Other (If there was something you haven’t mentioned yet, what would it be?) _______________________________


  1. I am ready to take ACTION, and make changes in my environment, habits and life:


Maybe  /  Yes  /  No      (please circle)                      



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