Breakthrough your Norm

Are you ready to break out;( Finally raise the bar higher) and surrender all to your calling... create that financial freedom you want and desire?. Breaking Free is your right, it is what awaits you on the other side. Yes!! say to yourself I am ready to be committed, consistent, and deliberate in my calling. The life you desire and want will allow you to shine bright, a beautiful metamorphosis of your greatness.

Social Media Marketing (Small Business)

Give me 90 mins of your time-and I will teach you social media secrets, processes and scripts for getting sales and paid -and create a massive income.

It boils down to your desire that comes from a deeper place of hunger, the ability to tap into your GPS to become unforgettable ,unbeatable and impactable on the social media front. Connecting with your audiences and leave your fans hungering for more …. 4 keys for writing good content, posting ads that leaves the audience wanting more of you product or service, The gravy sauce techniques ill give you- is the magic seasoning to help your customers to understand that  they are one of them- cementing their loyalty.


Location: Online & Offline
Individual or Group

The workshops will cover:
Facebook Audience
10 post a day in fb groups 5 days a week to increase engagement and bring more awareness to your business.
2 fb ad campaigns (does not include ad budget)
once a week 30 minute business coaching
likes on fb business page
Increasing engagement and why that is important


Social Media Management for both fb, and Instagram.
Includes daily posting content for 5 days on Instagram, and fb.
fb likes
New Targeted Instagram followers
once a week 30 minute business coaching
2 fb ad campaigns for Instagram, and fb
2 graphic design flyers you brand you, and your business