Breakthrough your Norm

Are you ready to break out;( Finally raise the bar higher) and surrender all to your calling... create that financial freedom you want and desire?. Breaking Free is your right, it is what awaits you on the other side. Yes!! say to yourself I am ready to be committed, consistent, and deliberate in my calling. The life you desire and want will allow you to shine bright, a beautiful metamorphosis of your greatness.


Give me 90 mins of your time-and I will teach you goal setting that will emerge you to the surface, processes and scripts for bringing you change..

It boils down to your desire that comes from a deeper place of hunger, the ability to tap into your GPS to become unforgettable ,unbeatable and impact full in your life and business front. Connecting with your audiences/friends and family and leave your fans hungering for more …. 4 keys for becoming a better version of you. The gravy sauce techniques ill give you- is the magic seasoning to help your audience to understand that  they are one of them- cementing their loyalty.


Trans-personal Coaching -

One on one Coaching -

Life Coaching -




The Coaches Cohort primary focus is on the entrepreneurs development & their goals in life and business.The Coaching Cohort  comes together weekly online (private group) and offline as a group for highly interactive sessions to learn and practice new leadership & marketing skills.  Participants commit to learn new strategies that can be applied to their own business challenges, and share their experiences with the group.  Immediate peer feedback reinforces and accelerates the development cycle.
*Mind and Money
Practicals / Theory
*Life Coaching
*Spiritual Coaching
*Customer Service
*Social Media Marketing 
*Branding Your Busines

Here’s a clip from one of my Master’s Classes here!

Entrepreneurs Guide


-You will get the tools to define your mind and business in every area -on your terms-but Coach Oneash gives you an action plan to go after a more excellent lifestyle.

Mastermind Entrepreneurs Explosive Growth

2 monthly meetings

*Different Development of business
* Relationship building
*Money management
*Mindset Explosive
*Strategy Implementing

For only $999.00
Payment Plan Available

The Business Start-up Mastermind Group will help you get through the noise and find answers to these complex problems

Why belonging to The Business Start-up Mastermind Group is so valuable.

This is a small group of ambitious entrepreneurs who are committed to succeed.

These like-minded people work earnestly to support each other, brainstorm solutions, and provide insights that grow their business.

They devote time, money, and energy to achieve bigger goals. This is not a hobby for them, but a serious venture.

If you’re done with playing at starting a business and are serious about moving